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Jack Shapiro      Jack J. Shapiro is a licensed Maryland attorney who has, since 1981, incorporated divorce mediation into his professional practice. Having assisted hundreds of Maryland couples negotiate separation and divorce agreements through mediation, he is one of the most experienced divorce mediators in the country.

     Shapiro first became interested in non-adversarial dispute resolution as an Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office. He regularly assisted consumers and businesses resolve differences outside the court process.

     In 1981, Shapiro learned that divorce mediation was becoming a recognized alternative to the adversarial process in family dispute matters and took specialized training in this area. Shapiro has widely lectured on the subject of divorce mediation before such organizations as the American Psychological Association and the Maryland Psychological Association. He has made guest appearances on numerous television and radio programs, both locally and nationally, on this subject. Shapiro regularly gives public seminars to assist couples in understanding how mediation works and it's numerous advantages over the adversarial divorce system.

     Shapiro has produced two publications on divorce law and mediation. They are : A Layperson's Guide to the Laws of Divorce in Maryland, and PARTING SENSE : A COMPLETE GUIDE TO DIVORCE MEDIATION, co-authored by Marla S. Caplan, Ph.d.

     As a practicing Maryland trial attorney, Shapiro has a depth of knowledge rarely achieved by other family mediators.

     Shapiro is a 1971 Graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law and is approved as a mediator by the Circuit Courts of Baltimore City, Baltimore and Howard Counties.

Offices in Baltimore and Howard Counties